The Jimmy Jib III its a portable crane for video and film cameras.
 Ready in no time, versatile, efficient and very cost effective in the hands of our operators. And that takes us to the most important part  of it, the crew. Ours are highly qualified technicians, they speak english, most with more than 10 years of experience in television: from news and live events to drama, concerts and sports. Creativity, professionalism and team work are  what define our crews.


Studio dolly (w/double wheels, direction control and cable guards
Dolly on tracks (With 6m track kits until 18m.)
Pneumatic wheels (for off road use to change positions between shots)
High speed motors (ideal for sports transmissions)
Regular head (pan and tilt)
Dutch roll (with 180º roll) 
Film kit (to adapt to film lenses provides zoom, focus and iris control)
Iris motor (for exposure control)
Mains or battery operated
Seven possible configurations (from 3.9m to 10.6m height )

Possible configurations for the Jimmy jib III crane

possible kits and its height, reach, load and tail values for the jimmy jib crane.  
Information on this chart:

Height refers to the height from the camera lens with the crane on tripod, on floor level and the arm in total vertical position.
Reach the measure from the tripod center until the end of the crane arm, not including the rear arm.
Load refers to the maximum weight of the camera and all accessories that may be mounted on the crane plate.
Tail the length measurement of tube necessary to compensate the weight in the frontal part of the crane. Enlarges the necessary space to operate the crane with rotation.

Operational space on floor for rotation from 0º to 180º
STANDARD / GIANT - 2.45m X 2.45m
GIANT PLUS / SUPER - 3.20m X 3.20m

Safety and crew:

The number of technicians necessary to operate the crane depends on the type of job you are doing, the size and the base of the crane used. Our technicians have the last word in relation to security conditions when using the Jimmy Jib crane and it is best to listen to their advice and trust their experience.
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