Wednesday, June 20

On set with Imaginário Colectivo

A slide show of on set pictures in productions we collaborated. So you can see our range of operational experience, and also provide some visual information about the cranes and crews. Those are some of the many productions we collaborated, since 1992 to 2012.

Tuesday, June 19

Clips from our services

A collection of clips from some of the productions we have done for our clients: Tv stations, producers and companies.We are Imaginario Colectivo lda. and we provide local production support, camera and sound crews, jimmy jib cranes, facilities and studio in Lisbon, Portugal.

Sunday, June 10

Crane and football

A camera in a crane with a remote head, a precise size arm and a base rolling on rails in a track, again with the needed size of track.
A team of 3 people in perfect sync put the camera at the perfect place  for you to see the game.